Because no two companies are alike, we listen to the requirements and pains of our customers and develop software tailored to their needs.
We know the industry requirements and are used to help the companies meet them by turning their concepts into operational software.

Why choose Efforwai to develop your cloud software?

  • Yachting industry experience
  • Through our extensive case history and practical experience in the yachting industry, we advise on a wide range of topics to digitize processes and increase business efficiency.
    As a result, we have developed nineteen (19) customized systems for our yachting customers, some of them very demanding.

  • Customization
  • We develop customized functionalities to make the digital system work for you and avoid duplication of information.
    We have found with our customers that the greater the customization of the functionalities, the higher the utilization rate of the digital system.
    A customized solution can seamlessly adapt as your workflows, user base and business needs and requirements change. The development team scales and adjusts the solution accordingly.

  • You own the system
  • Because you own the digital system, you don't have to wait for the SaaS vendor to perform updates or bug fixes, as your support team performs any changes or maintenance activities when the need arises, minimizing the risks of business process disruption.

  • Cost efficiency
  • Custom systems are usually associated with a higher price because of the heavy initial investment required to build the system. However, building a tailored solution can be more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Optimization
  • Administration time is reduced by streamlining many day-to-day processes, such as creating work orders from an accepted estimate or generating a pending to invoice alert when closing a work order or reaching an invoice milestone.
    Field workers can allocate hours and materials to work orders, giving you a clear indication of profit and loss by project.

  • We help you with...
  • Convert your Excel files into a digital system.
    Provide your employees with a digital tool.
    Optimize repetitive tasks, such as allocating hours and materials to your work orders.
    Receive billing alerts or invoices due for collection.

“Because no two companies are alike, we listen to the requirements and pains of our customers and develop software tailored to their needs.”

Custom vs off-the-shelf software

SaaS software is a robust tool that helps companies achieve real-time visibility in business processes, increase operational efficiency, and ensure cross-organizational data integrity, sharing, and collaboration.

However, not every SaaS platform can effectively address your business needs. Moreover, there are cases when none of the current off-the-shelf enterprise resource planning systems can offer the capabilities you seek.

The low entry price of SaaS solutions is attractive, but customizations and advanced support are expensive. In addition, there is little to no control over the solution and there are usually functionality gaps.

Custom Projects vs off-the-shelf
Efforwai - Custom Projects

Would you like to…

Convert your Excel files into a digital system?

Provide your employees with a digital tool?

Optimize repetitive tasks, such as allocating hours and materials to your work orders?

Receive billing alerts or invoices due for collection?

We are here to help you create a customized digital environment that meets all your requirements and expectations.

Experience in the Yachting Industry

We have listened to many companies, to understand and improve the way they work and go hand in hand with them during the digitalization process.

  • Refit Shipyards
  • Teak decking
  • Boat builders
  • Mechanics & engineering
  • Saffolding & Tenting
  • Yachting Agencies
  • Technical insulations
  • Yacht Brokerage
Efforwai - Custom Projects
“Empowering field workers with digital tools can save the management team a lot of time, from T&M costs allocation to stock control or billing status.”
Custom Projects needs

Customization according to your needs

Efforwai offers customized solutions for any company at scale, whether it is a CRM, ERP or an API to integrate information with existing systems to create the workflow customization needed.

  • Client & Yacht details
  • Estimates & Invoicing
  • Project management
  • Field reporting.
  • Working hours monitoring
  • Human resources
  • Warehouse & Inventory/li>
  • Business analytics & reporting

Mobile App for field workers

Empowering field workers with digital tools can save the management team a lot of time, from T&M costs allocation to stock control or billing status.

  • Work orders progress, daily and completion reports
  • Work order hours and materials allocation
  • Incident report
  • Request for quotations (RFQ)
  • Condition reports
Mobile APP

Software development roadmap

Stage 1


Sign a confidentiality agreement to initiate communication.

Listen to the client and understand their needs.

Analyze the current way of working.

Determine the size and content of the system.

Stage 2

Design & Technology

Prototype the business idea.

Define the UX/UI of the system.

Define the architecture of the system.

Definition of the data model and entity relationship diagram.

Stage 3

Development phase

Customer data migration.

Server, database and API protocol set-up.

Front-end and back-end development to bring the ideas into reality.

Weekly progress meeting with customers.

Stage 4

Testing & QA phase

Validating the written code for flaws and other anomalies.

Quality assurance team collaborates to identify and report bugs.

Bugs and issues resolution.

User acceptance testing to check the system in real-world circumstances.

Stage 5

Deployment & launch

Digital solution deployment to production.

User training and onboarding.

Six month warranty period starts.

Stage 6

Post-launch support

(task assessed separately)

System updates to fulfil the new requirements.

Platform users and infrastructure support.

Adjustment of the system according to the customer's concerns or suggestions

System troubleshooting.

Technology upgrades..

Cost Factors of Custom Solutions

  • Functional scope
  • The number of workflows that can be covered by a solution; the number of functional modules (e.g. project management, stock management, purchase order management, etc.)

  • Integration capacity
  • The number of integrations with internal and external systems, the pre-built connectors for future integrations, the openness of the solution's architecture.

  • Data management
  • Data cleansing, reformatting and migration activities.

  • Technology stack
  • The cost of third-party solutions used to create the digital system (e.g. maps, weather), licensing fees for storage and computing, mobile applications fees and hardware-related costs.

  • Team configuration
  • A standard team composition includes a project manager, a business analyst, UX/UI designers, solution architect, back-end/front-end/full-stack developers, QA engineers, and a DevOps engineer.

  • Training activities
  • Training sessions and supporting documentation, materials and manuals for end-users.

  • Updates & Support
  • Any maintenance activities to ensure the smooth operation of the software, regular updates and upgrades, and user support.


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